Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Rocking a witch costume for Halloween is a tradition - there should ALWAYS be a witch in your mix, otherwise it just won't feel like a proper Fright Night. But that doesn't mean witches have to be all ghoulish and gross (unless that's your jam) ... we happen to think witches can be edgy, enchanting and seriously spellbinding, which is why we love this easy witch Halloween makeup tutorial created by @sn0ok using Tattoo Junkee makeup. 

Read on to see how you can be the boldest, baddest witch on the block this Halloween.

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Start off with your normal face makeup and brow routine. For your eyes, make sure you have some matte yellow shadow on hand, as well as a bright blue shade and green. Use your Tattoo Junkee Eyeshadow brushes to start with a base of matte yellow over entire lid, then apply bright blue (we're fans of Tattoo Junkee Life on Mars of course) to the outer halves of lids, extending the shadow outward towards your temples. Accent with green. Apply Tattoo Junkee Moonwalk eyeshadow to inner corners of eyes, just under brows and to cheekbones for some serious highlights. Also apply to the bridge of your nose and your cupid's bow.

Line your eyes with the Tattoo Junkee Black Eyeliner Pen in a winged style and finish with mascara. Use Cosmic Queen eyeshadow to create a bright blush on cheeks, then swipe the first shade in the Glo-Lite Unicorn Palette over cheekbones, forehead and chin to highlight.

Finish your witch Halloween makeup look with Dazed Lip Paint on lips and use to paint a crescent moon on forehead as well. Add bold lashes if desired.

Throw on a pointy hat and you're ready to enchant everyone you encounter with this spellbinding witch Halloween makeup look!