Cool Halloween Makeup Idea: Pumpkin Princess

Cool Halloween Makeup Idea: Pumpkin Princess


Trick or treat, TJ crew, because we’ve got a seriously cool Halloween makeup look for you! Put away the carving knives and bust out your brushes and Tattoo Junkee cosmetics, because our girl @imogenhearts is gonna show you how to turn into a pumpkin that’ll last even after the clock strikes midnight. Cinderella step aside, this ain’t your pumpkin tonight.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 1 

First cover your brows since you’ll be painting over them, then apply a basecoat of orange face & body paint over your entire face, neck and shoulders.

 @imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 2

Next contour your face in much the same way as you normally would. But you know, feel free to be a little more dramatic for this super cool Halloween makeup look. It IS for Halloween, after all. Try contouring your neck and shoulders as well for added depth!

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 3 

Next use an eyeliner pencil to map out where your pumpkin ridges will be.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 4 

Use Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Metallic Eyeshadow in Born in a UFO to create shimmering effects within your pumpkin ridge lines, focusing the shadow along the outer edges. Use a white shadow to blend in highlights along the center. Repeat this process for each pumpkin ridge.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 5 

To map out your pumpkin mouth, eyes and nose, use the Liner from the Tattoo Junkee Leather Lip Trio Kit to draw them in. You can get scary with it, or ultra femme – it’s your Halloween makeup!

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 6 

Use the Leather Liquid Lip Paint to fill in your sketched eye, nose and mouth designs.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 7 

Once you have the eye, nose and mouth sections filled in with Leather Lip Paint, dab a matte black shadow over the designs to create extra depth and lock everything in place. Then use your finger to dab Space Dust Meteor Shower over each for shimmering effects.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 8 

Use Starlight Space Dust Eyeshadow to create added highlights on the centers of your eyes and nose, with extra pigment in the corners of your eyes for dramatic highlights.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 9 

Next use a stiff brush to smudge dark shadow along each of your pumpkin ridge lines to create depth.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 10 

Once you’ve created depth along the ridge lines, use Starlight to create additional highlights around your face. Blend the shadow around your eyes, nose, chin and any other areas you want to stand out with cosmic shine!

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 11 

After applying mascara and lashes to your liking (and hey, a wig too if you have one), it’s time to fill in that fierce pumpkin pout with Leather Lip Paint. First line your lips with the Liner included in your kit, then fill in your lips and let the Lip Paint dry.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess look part 12

For an extra ethereal glow, add a pop of Tattoo Junkee Pop the Bubbly Glitter Lava Gloss to the center of your lips.

@imogenhearts Pumpkin Princess final look

Finish off your Pumpkin Princess cool Halloween makeup with accessories, contacts and whatever else you want to make your look ghoulishly glam. These pumpkin makeup tricks from @imogenhearts are a total treat for Fright Night fun this year! Ditch the glass slippers and stay up late partying with the ghosts and goblins, because YOU’RE the princess in this horrifyingly fantastic fairy tale.

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