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Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Go crazy this Halloween with a half-and-half Harley Quinn look by @bayleemadisonmakeup! Learn how to do it at home using Tattoo Junkee Cosmetics here!

Green Goddess Halloween Makeup Tutorial

We’re totally enchanted by this Green Goddess Halloween look by @epic.werk! Learn how to do it yourself using Tattoo Junkee Cosmetics here!

Horror Movie Character: Bride of Chucky Makeup

Transform into a horror movie character no one would dare leave at the altar with this Bride of Chucky makeup from @sydneynicoleaddams.

Gothic Halloween Makeup: Lily Munster

This gothic Halloween makeup tutorial from @bayleemadisonmakeup shows you how to transform into TV vampire Lily Munster.

Cool Halloween Makeup Idea: Pumpkin Princess

Put away the carving knives and bust out your brushes for this Pumpkin Princess cool Halloween makeup look from @imogenhearts.

Blue Devil Halloween Makeup

This blue devil Halloween makeup from @paulie_sfx has us calling for a priest. Get his wicked makeup tutorial using Tattoo Junkee products here.

Coraline The Other Mother Halloween Makeup Look

What do moms and demons have in common? They can both be scary as hell, right?! We’re digging this Coraline The Other Mother Halloween makeup look from @gothpixi.

Makeup Looks To Rock With Different Tie-Dye Patterns

If you’re like us, you’ve been busting that boredom lately by learning all kinds of new hobbies – like tie dye! And once you have those tie-dye patterns down, you’ll need some makeup looks to go with them.

Metallic Eyeshadow Tutorial

Not sure how to wear shimmering shadows to their fullest potential? We've got you, Babe. TJ enlisted the help of @gingersbeautycorner for this easy metallic eyeshadow tutorial.

Shimmer Fantasy Makeup Idea

Pinks and purples are the colors dreams and unicorns are made of (in our minds anyways), so we're totally into this look from @kirstenkaye_ that has us feeling like we're in a shimmer fantasy makeup daydream.

Cool Smokey Eyes Metallic Shadow Look

This stunning Space Dust Metallic Eyeshadow look created by @sarahxmcmillan is sending us off into orbit with its beautiful blend of shadows that makes us feel like we're being lured into a cosmic black hole of No Return (to life before Space Dust).

Day to Night Holiday Makeup Tutorial

For some people, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year because of the food or the presents, but for us, it's the parties! Well, and the sparkly makeup we get to wear while catching up with friends and family.

Glitter Lava Oozes with Shimmer

NEW Tattoo Junkee Glitter Lava Glosses are highly pigmented and oozing with shimmer for a pout that's almost too hot to handle.

Everyday Edge with Space Dust Metallic Eyeshadows

NEW Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Metallic Eyeshadows just dropped in a color palette guaranteed to up your everyday edge.

Amethyst Halloween Makeup Tutorial

For our last Halloween makeup post of the year, we're featuring this chilling ice queen Amethyst Halloween Makeup Tutorial from makeup effects artist @stjohnnnn.

Alien Makeup Tutorial Using Liquid Lipsticks

Did you know you can create an out-of-this-world alien makeup look using only liquid lipsticks? The incredibly talented @bengalqueen gets cosmic with Tattoo Junkee Lip Paints in this tutorial.

Michael Hussar Inspired Halloween Makeup

We're all about this wickedly cool Michael Hussar-inspired Halloween makeup look from makeup artist @beatbyvanity using Tattoo Junkee products.

Easy Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Is searching for the perfect Halloween costume sucking the life out of you? Your search stops here with this easy vampire makeup tutorial from @bayleemadisonmakeup.

Green Witch Makeup Look

A few weeks ago we posted one variation of a witch halloween makeup look, and here's another we're totally bewitched by!

Easy Glam Skeleton Makeup How To

Searching for a bone-chilling Halloween look that's still a little babeworthy too? This glam skeleton makeup how to created by the talented @bayleemadisonmakeup is exactly what the gravedigger ordered.

Scary Halloween Makeup: Corpse Bride

We're ready to up the fear factor with this scary Halloween makeup corpse bride look from our girl @gothpixi. Use Tattoo Junkee makeup for a costume that looks good enough to raise the dead.

Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Rocking a witch costume for Halloween is a tradition - there should ALWAYS be a witch in your mix, otherwise it just won't feel like a proper Fright Night.

Simple Halloween Makeup: Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Going under the knife can be scary enough in real life ... what if the doctor is a hack? What if they ruin your face? What if it hurts reallllly bad? (Sorry if we're scaring you but seriously.)

Easy Halloween Makeup Idea: Scarecrow

This wickedly cool scarecrow costume put together by the talented @tedyana only requires a few makeup products for an easy Halloween makeup idea that's as fierce as it is frightening.

Queen of Hearts Day of the Dead Makeup How To

Go mad with Tattoo Junkee shades of red and black, and sparkly gold glitter for a Day of the Dead Queen with looks that kill.

Sexy Sagittarius Look with Ramsey Aguilera

Even if you're not actually a Sagittarius, you can still channel their fun, fiery nature with a flirty look like this one from Ramsey Aguilera.

Glam Ghoul Makeup Tutorial with @imogenhearts

Is there such a thing as a glam ghost? We think yes after seeing this tutorial from @imogenhearts!

Clown Makeup Tutorial with Sandy Perez

Sandy Perez shows you how to use Tattoo Junkee products to create a clown look that'll steal the spotlight.

9 Halloween Makeup Looks with Tattoo Junkee

Looking for some last-minute costume ideas without dropping your whole paycheck? Open up your makeup kit and use what you already have to create a look that's fierce enough to raise the dead.

How To Use a Tattoo Junkee Lip Color Corrector

OMG ... it's happened to all of us ... probably more often than you want to think about if you wear lipstick on the regular ... smudged, shaky lip color.

How To Use Tattoo Junkee Eyeliner Pens

Sometimes (okay pretty much all of the time) eyeliner is everything to a makeup look that plays no games. There are few things more frustrating than eyeliner that's messy and difficult to apply, or just won't stay put when you're out trying to hustle.

How To Mermaid Lip Effects with Sandy Perez

You'll be the hottest fish in the sea with lips this magical! In this quick tutorial, Sandy Perez shows you how to use Tattoo Junkee Dazed, Outcast and Past Curfew to create mermaid lip effects that lure 'em in.

How To Unicorn Lip Effects with Sandy Perez

We're into all things magical lately - including our lip looks! In this quick Unicorn Lip Effects tutorial, Sandy Perez shows you how to make your kiss cosmic using Tattoo Junkee Bubble Gum, Cheeky and Riot lip kits.

How To Get Gorgeous Glitter Lips

Glitter is magical! If it wasn't, would unicorns and fairies sprinkle it everywhere they go?! So obviously we LOVE that glitter lips are super hot right now, and we're gonna show you how easy it is to play up your pout with the shimmery goodness in our Sparkle Lip Paints Collection.

How To Get a Perfect Matte Lip

Here at TJ central, we get a lot of questions about how to create the perfect long-lasting matte lip; if you’ve never used long-lasting liquid lipstick before, it can definitely take some getting used to! We’ve found that a little bit of prep goes a long way in keeping your lip color on point throughout your day.