Minx Lip Trio Lip Paint Kit

  • $8.99

Minx lip color is the perfect liquid lipstick for accentuating your sultry smile with an appetizing shade of mocha.

Get the ultimate lip look with this VALUE-PRICED lip kit stocked with Lip Liner, Long-Lasting Lip Paint and a coordinating Effect that can be used to accent lip paint. Put on Minx and accentuate your sultry smile. You might want to lock the doors and close the blinds before adding on the spicy bronze effects. Lip kit includes one 0.17 fl. oz. (5 mL) long-lasting matte appetizing mocha lip color, one 0.038 oz. (1.1 g) mocha lip liner pencil, and one 0.017 oz. (0.5 g) container of spicy bronze effects.